Our ideas

    The word “Tours” is short, but it’s not actually the proper term.

    We will offer you much more than just a tour : a real journey through Wadi Rum desert, for a true discovery of the desert !

    Far from touristic usual roads, you will go for an expedition of a day or more, and choose the way that fits you best : 4×4 plus walking, trekking, scrambling, camel riding.. and you can of course mix the differents options.
    Alternate jeep ride and walking is a good way, which can include some scrambling of course.

    You can choose to be with one bedouin guide, who drives the jeep (he cooks also the meals), and hike along easy canyons, and mostly on sand, as the guide can keep you in sight easy.

    Much more exciting is to go with two bedouin guides, the second one guiding you along much nicer and gorgeous hikes, crossing the rocky mountains !
    Narrow canyons and siqs, paths leading to summits with astounding views..
    The guide walks with you, while the jeep waits you on the other side.

    Start with one or two hours on camelback and continue by jeep is a good idea for who likes to try riding camel !
    Hiking fits perfectly who loves to walk and  is probably the best way to appreciate the desert in  a close way…

    Camel riding lets you feel the slow pace of this beautiful animal, so well adapted to the wide sandy spaces.. but not to rocks and mountain paths, which puts somehow a limit to the itinerary.
    (See details below)

    After sunset, the camp is settled for the night, always in a gorgeous spot, and we go on the next day, for more astunding landscapes

    We always stay far away from any permanent installations. Far from concrete blocks and electricity, you will be free to enjoy the magic fantasy of the moonlight, the extaodinary purity of the darkening sky, when stars start to appear..

    Meals will be cooked on wood fire, and a coloured natural cave, heated by the sun during daytime, will shelter us from the freshness of the coming night.

    Sand dunes and erosion sculpted rocks will be the decor, plus a few candle lights..

    Comfort of heavy blankets and sheep wool covers will keep you warm when sleeping, outside or in small individual tents, quickly unfolded,  that you can install where you like !
    You will live a real and authentic experience of the desert life, close to Nature, with evenings in a natural cave of the rock, around the campfire, or in a genuine hairgoat tent, welcomed by a beduin family.

    How many days for Wadi Rum

    When programming one’s journey in Jordan, one of the questions is : how long time for Wadi Rum, how many days ?
    Well, the answer depends on many parameters, among which : what you may see and do there, and how you will do it !

    The best is to save a few days for the desert, to have the time to really feel the desert life, to enjoy sleeping in different and gorgeous places, to reach the far southern borders, near Saoudi Arabia, where landscapes are simple astonishing !

    For a jeep + walking journey, 2 days not bad, 3 days even better !

    3 days allows you to more canyons crossing walking, more scrambling ways up to great views, a better knowledge of each region of the desert. (see details under)

    For hiking, the minimum recommended duration would be 2 days and half.
    3 or 4 days is a good plan, 5 days or more of course better, to deeply explore the southern parts of the desert.

    The budget – Our prices

    There is of course the question of the prices.

    Although we are offering you the best of the desert, which means more work for the guide than a mere “tour and back to the camp”, our prices are very reasonable, as the average you can find in Wadi Rum.

    Prices depend on how many you are, a discount being possible for students, if they are coming 3 people or more (for 2 persons really it’s difficulte, sorry for that..), and for a stay of 2 days or more.

    Hiking (or jeep and hike with 2 guides) is of course a little more expensive than Jeep + walk with one guide, because it means 2 persons with you, a guide and a cook, who drives also the jeep.

    Prices per person and per day :

    – Jeep + walk with one guide :

    For 2 or 3 persons : 60 JD

    For 4, 5 or 6 people : 55 JD

    For 7, 8 or 9 people : 50 JD if one jeep, 55 if two jeeps

    For 10 people and more : we can offer special prices for groups, just ask us !


    – Hiking, with or without 4×4 rides, 2 guides :

    2 persons : 75 JD

    3 persons : 70 JD

    For 4, 5, 6 people : 65 JD

    For 7, 8 or 9 people : 60 JD

    For 10 people and more : just consult us.


    The prices are all included :

    – the guide / the guide and the cook if hiking

    – the jeep with you each day / with luggage and equipment, with you at lunch time and at night

    – all meals, traditionnally cooked

    – mineral water and beduin tea

    – the sleeping equipment : good and thick mattresses

    Individuals tents upon request from end of october to april

    Blankets : we provide extra blankets, but please bring sleeping bag with you !! For your own comfort ! And also to help our guides who work already hard, and lighten the 4×4.

    If you can’t, bring a sleeping bag or a sheet (maybe you keft home already ( : we will provide you with warm blankets, just note that they do not come out of a closet, or a dry clean shop ! They stay in desert permanently, and desert means sand and dust !!

    You can also enjoy a little washing water (just ask your cook !), because sleeping under the stars does not mean lack of confort !

    Camel ride : at the start from the village if end afternoon arrival or on way back to village if departure at morning :

    One hour : 10 JD

    Half hour : 7 JD

    What to see and to do in Wadi Rum

    If you read about Wadi Rum in a guide book, or on most websites selling tours in Wadi Rum desert, you will automatically think that the main attractions of this desert are a dozen of main spots, and that visiting Wadi Rum consists in going by jeep from one of them to the next one, stop from 10 to 30 minutes, take photos, and go on like that until the end of the tour.

    And it’s what all of them do indeed !

    These places are of course of interest, that’s why they’ve been selected, and of course you will see them, but you’ll see and do so much more..

    Wadi Rum famous sites :

    – Lawrence Spring : a water spring coming out of the mountain 100 meters above ground level, and capted by a pipe to reach ground level.. A “tent-shop”, selling tea and souvenirs, and nothing much to see, except groups of tourist !

    – Khazali Canyon : a most impressive mountain, with beautiful Thamudic carvings, on both walls of a narrow canyon, often crowded in high season.
    The game consists in looking up with a 20 to 30 degrees angle, and see human couples – very thin and delicately shaped, goats (or ipex ?).. and pairs of bare feet (!) so realistic !

    – The Small Arch : a funny little rock bridge, on top of which you can climb in 2 minutes.. but recently awfully degraded by unscrupulous locals. Not less than 2 illegal permanent and concrete campsites have been built last year without any authorization (they’d never get one), just next to the arch ! (for more info, see Wadi Rum / preservation / what can we do ?

    – The red sand dunes : a beautiful sand dune, of gorgeous red color, on which you can climb (from the crest line), and from top of which running down (straight down) is so great ! (then you take tons of sand out of your shoes, part of the fun..)
    500 meters away, a second one, 2 times bigger, is waiting for the braves !

    – Infishieh inscriptions : a sort of antic “graffiti wall”, with ancient carvings of camel caravans, and Nabatean writings

    – Lawrence House : a huge stone wall on the side of a majestic valley. Not really related to Sir T.E. Lawrence, but a great landscape !

    – Al-Barra canyon : a valley between high mountains, 4 km long, along which you can walk.
    A little crowded during high season…

    – Burdah Bridge : a big arch on top of the jebel Burdah, that we see from the ground usually. Climbing on top is possible, but only for those who are at ease on high rocks, and not subject to vertigo !

    – Um Fruth Rock Bridge : a curious arch on ground level, on top of which you can climb : not so easy, but fun.

    These sites are not unequally worthseeing, and often crowded by jeeps and tourists in high season.
    Reducing the visit to them only, as most tours do, would be too bad !

    We will stop there, but not staying too long time. We may even keep away from some of them (as Lawrence Spring, of little interest, or Barrah Canyon, where you cross every car from Diseh and many trekking groups), to save time as to show you other great spots, where you find nobody.

    Narrow siqs, secret (but easy !) paths leading to summits for the surprise of an astounding landscape… Wadi Rum is all of that !


    Spending a whole day in a jeep isn’t fun ! That’s why we offer you the possibility to alternate jeep rides and walking, at your rythm of course.

    You may like to walk a lot, or only a little, our guides will adapt to your choice, and of course they know where walking is most worth it, crossing canyons, or up to easy summits, for the very best views !

    You’ll find below examples of itineraries according to the total duration of your stay.

    One day

    A short ride from Rum village drives you to Khazali Mountain, where you can see the siq with Thamudic inscriptions.
    Then crossing back north the large valley in direction of Um Ushrin, we reach the red sand dunes (a short walk from behind is even better to get the surprise !)
    You can climb up (along the crest is easiest), ..and run straight down for the best fun !
    Then Infishieh Inscriptions, with lots of carvings from different periods (including Nabatean times).
    Lawrence House then, a “room with a view”, the view is quite nice indeed, the stone “room” needs lots of repair !

    Time to leave touristic roads to quiet and beautiful M’Zelge : walking there between red sands and rocks is simply great.. some ways up for landscapes nearby !

    After the lunch (sun or shadow, it depends on the season), a jeep ride takes you south to see the Jebel Burdah Arch (from the ground), Walking across a beautiful canyon may come next, then a short jeep ride drives you to Um Fruth Rock Bridge, on which you can climb if you are at ease on the rock (your guide will help you if needed).

    It will be close to sunset time, and you can watch the sun going down from a sand dune, a little rock or even climb up a nearby mountain, for an incredible view from the top !

    Then we will head off to our sleeping place, a gorgeous natural cave, or an authentic Bedouin tent, where the guide family is living in the desert, with goats and camels.

    Time to light the fire and make tea !

    The most delicious glass of hot sweet beduin tea, when violets and blues are playing in the pure sky…

    We will seat altogether around the fire, on which dinner is being cooked, in a simple and traditional way.

    Talking, singing, telling Bedouin stories, listening to nostalgic melodies played on the rababa (the old beduin instrument, with one single string).. walking at night under a sky full of stars or a bright moon, you will taste the real Bedouin desert life.

    The next morningafter breakfast, the jeep will take you back to the village. (Unless you decided to stay longer !)

    2 days

    The first day will be as described above, with jeep and hikes.

    The second day we will take you to the southern areas of Wadi Rum, such as Jebel Hash, Nughra, Um Ratha.. all being fantastic places, with shepherd paths leading to views absolutely magnificent !

    Staying in the desert for the second overnight is a good choice, for the place will be different of course, and so beautiful..

    3 days

    3 days allow you to get a real knowledge of the desert.

    Main spots of course, and southern areas, but also more canyons, more views from mountain tops, and moretime for walks and scrambling… we can also reach the very southerm mountains, close to the Saudi Arabia border!

    Nights in beautiful places, different each night of course.

    The ascension of Jebel Um e’ Dammi, the higest summit of Jordan, is possible, with a 30 JD supplement

    Our real difference :
    When spending 2 or 3 days in Wadi Rum, you will be really travelling inside the desert., as an explorer, and that’s far more enjoyable than being a tourist visiting sites one after the other, along with all other jeeps full of tourists.

    Since we never go “back to our camp for the night” (meaning always the same camp) as others do, you will then avoid the crowded camp (with concrete blocks concealed behind factory made “beduin style” black clothing !)


    Hiking in Wadi Rum is a fantastic experience, probably the best way to know and feel the desert.

    So many things, that you can’t see from a car, become visible : details of the shaped coloured rocks, flowers, plants and bushes, and all these tracks in the sand !

    From birds and lizards tiny drawings to the wide camel footprint, the sand becomes a book to the one who knows how to read it !

    We will teach you, of course, when walking..

    Your guide will show you where the fox was going, maybe to try to catch the mouse in it’s underground house, and let you smell the strong medicinal herbs..

    A hiker being slower than a car, our trekking itineraries start from 2 days, better 3 days or more..!

    Genuine hiking consists in walking with a bedouin guide, while the luggage and equipment are carried by jeep. The driver is a beduin, who knows how to cook wonderful meals on wood fire !

    Two beduins are working together, knowing where to meet, and that’s which is why hiking costs a little more.

    If your budget is low, you can walk without guide : the driver shows you the way, waiting you ahead, seeing you from very far (beduins have excellent eyes !)

    Hiking with a guide is better however, since he will take you in the mountains, along hidden ways you wouln’t find alone, to tops and marvellous views !

    Nights will always be spent in different places, along the itinerary.

    (If you look well, you will notice that most treks offered in Wadi Rum nowadays are programmed with all nights in the same camp. A mere nonsense !!!)

    2 day hiking

    2 days being a short period, we will remain in the central parts of Wadi Rum.

    As an example, the itinerary could be :

    – the first day to Sand dune, Infishieh inscriptions, then cross east, to M’Zelge, beautiful red rocks on which we can climb for a gorgeous landscape before sunset time !

    Dinner and night around the campfire in one of the many small natural caves of the mountains.

    – the second day we head off south, to the jebel Burdah, and narrow canyons, to finally reach the jebel Um Fruth, for the Rock Bridge, but mostly to climb up to the top for an amazing view..!

    A second night in another beautiful spot, and back to village the next morning, or back to Rum after sunset if your schedule doesn’t allow the overnight.

    3 or 4 day hiking

    – The 2 first days will be as described above (2 days itinerary).

    – the third day we will be walking south through a large plain to reach Wadi Rum southern areas : jebel Hash, siq Al-Nughra, Wadi Sabet and Wadi Swebet, Um Ratha..

    These parts of the Wadi Rum desert are wild, seldomly visited, although their beauty is overwhelming : a whole mountain red and blue, astonishing wide landscapes, red dunes of thin and soft sand..

    As we want to spend the best time enjoying the southern jebels and wadis, the way back to Rum village will be riding the jeep, at the last of the hike.

    5 and more days hiking

    5 days or more are best durations to deeply discover Wadi Rum hiking.

    Large wadis offering majestic perspectives, canyons and siqs, shepherd ways leading to summits and their unbelievable panoramas, time will be there to explore the desert, as far as the very southern parts, approaching Saoudi Arabia border !

    You will live an authentic desert experience, get used to beduin rythm, until feeling yourself belonging to infinity…